I'm Eric Palmer a photographer from Stellenbosch, Cape Town.
If you'd like to get in contact drop a line at ericpalmer@live.co.za or 082 697 9946

-all images ©Eric Palmer
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An Afreakin Photographer


Macro Workshop

Created 11/14/11 05:50 | Last change 03/15/12 08:28
We were back in Macro mode for the 4th, 5th & 6th with an amazing group of people who dived into new techniques & for a few the first time behind a macro lens.

On Friday we hung around the garden at 33 Stellenbosch & we brought our toys as usual. I was helping everyone make friends with their lenses & didn't shoot much myself, but did have some fun watching a snail & will definitely have to find one & have some more fun.
We changed the shoots around because of potential rain on Saturday morning & Butterfly World was it. As usual I just enjoy walking around & checking all the changes & new inhabitants out. Of course snapping a few shots along the way. There were lots more Glass Wing & Flame Butterflies around & with the cooler weather the Flame Butterflies weren't like Ferraris & managed to find a few very accommodating ones.
Rose's Garden on Rustenberg had us back for the afternoon shoot. By this time I think everyone was realising that macro photography requires more effort than most forms & were feeling a little tired, but the gorgeous flowers & variety kept the enthusiasm up. A little breeze to most & a hurricane to us had everyone finding more sheltered spots & more solid subjects to shoot.

The garden shoot is the most challenging one personally, because with the butterflies there are definite subjects that you are after, but in the garden the variety always makes me struggle to choose a spot & stick with it long enough to get what I'm after. I found myself doing the same as I always do & wasn't feeling very inspired, so tried a function that I hadn't quite made friends with yet & have since renamed to multiple explosions. Shooting 9 shots on one frame on motor drive & moving tiny amounts between each shot to create more of an impression.

As usual a lot of experimentation with very few successful shots, but I was getting there. I was finding that taking 2 shots & trying to do more of an in camera Orton Image was doing it for me & had more success with that the next day with the bird abstracts.
Sunday morning was time for the birds. I started off shooting natural light & playing around with the Multiple Exposures again, but this time only 2 shots doing the Orton Images on the close up shots.

By then I had shot almost an entire weekend without touching my flashes & was having withdrawals, so I went back to my usual style & was happy again with all my toys. haha